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Bad Credit Auto Loans : New or Used Car Loan for Bad Credit

The best bad credit  auto loans approved fast including zero down 100% bank financing for a new or used auto loan with bad credit  or bankruptcy. It is easy to get pre-approved for a new or used car loan online with our free auto loan application. Right now it is easier to get a car loan with bad credit because the bad credit car loan lenders are very aggressive and relaxed the approval guidelines for the first time in years. We specialize in bad credit auto loans and auto loans for bad credit people in all 50 states with our local auto finance credit centers.

Bad credit auto loan financing programs are made available through our nationwide network of more than 600 auto finance companies who provide auto loans for bad credit, low credit score auto loans or less than perfect credit auto loans. A bad credit car loan can be used to buy a new or used car. Apply today and allow them to compete to offer you the best rate on your new or used auto loan.

Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan up to $35000 in 20 Seconds

Step 1
Estimate Your Credit Score
    Min Score
Good Credit 725+  
Fair Credit 630+  
Poor Credit 575+  
Bad Credit 525+  
No Credit Score  
Step 2
Monthly Income Before Taxes
Step 3
Total Other Monthly Payments
Rent or Mortgage
Min. Credit Card Payments

Complete the Approval Process Below
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Auto Loan Process The Auto Loan Process

If you have been thinking about trading in your old car and need help finding the best new or used auto loan anywhere, our experienced staff help you finance your dream vehicle. We can save you time and money. Take 2 minutes to complete our free online auto loan application and see what our fast auto loan approval will do for you at no charge.

Nationwide Auto Lending provides financing for an auto loan for people with bad credit or bankruptcy.

Read The Auto Loan Process

Bad Credit Auto Loans Explained Bad Credit Auto Loans Explained

Bad credit auto loans simply means your credit score is below 750. You can still qualify easily for low rate auto loans for bad credit. Have you been turned down in the past for an auto loan because you have bad credit or bankruptcy? Don't let these disappointments stop you from buying the new or used car you really want. Nationwide Auto Lending specializes in bad credit auto loans with great low rates and has more than 600 auto loan lenders.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Explained

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